25 Things In Society That Are Romanticized For The Wrong Reasons

19. Error404DickNotFound

Alcoholism. It isn’t some beautiful, chiseled, thin fucker with perfect skin pulling a flask out of his pocket and taking a quick swig while he’s moodily solving some dramatic mystery or whatever.

It’s a tidal wave of shame as your pale fingers look for the open bottle on the nightstand so you can take that first swig of the morning and stop the shakes. It’s trying not to shit yourself in public because your bowels and eating habits have become so erratic. It’s knowing that you stink like vodka but literally nothing you can do can get rid of the stink. It’s walking into work and having coworkers say “you look like shit” after what you thought was a GOOD day. It’s not romantic and it’s no way to live.

20.  SparknSprinkle


21. Dillinea

Eating disorders. Specifically anorexia. So many people think it’s a diet and it’s beautiful and desirable – It’s not. It’s terrifying and dangerous and deadly and I wish more people realized that.