25 Things In Society That Are Romanticized For The Wrong Reasons

13. honestgoing

Overworking yourself.

People almost bragging that they have two full time jobs, go to school and have 3 kids. Like… no. That’s not really something to feel proud about, it’s not healthy for your mind or body. Don’t get me wrong, being lazy is not good, but it is not good to work yourself to death.

14. reeeessssaaaa

The starving artist lifestyle. Fuck you, Rent.

15. -eDgAR-

Not sleeping.

Some people think of it as a badge of honor and something to brag about to others like, “Oh you’re tired, I only got an hour of sleep.” It’s not really great or healthy at all.

16. Erimenes

Stalking. It’s not romantic, it’s terrifying.

If I ever wake up with someone I haven’t even kissed sitting on the end of my bed and watching me sleep, I’m calling the police and screaming the place down. That is not cute.

17. jabanobotha

Autism and other mental issues in TV. No, it will mot make you a better doctor. No bipolar will not make you a better CIA analyst. Schizophrenia will not make you a better computer programmer.

18. HaughtStuff99

Romeo and Juliet is actually a really fucked up story