This Britney Spears Halloween Costume Is Every Fan’s Dream Come True

If you’re a 90’s girl, chances are – you were a huge Britney Spears fan when you were younger. How can we not obsess over the teenage diva who made is big from the ripe age of 16-years-old? Over the years, Britney has given us some of the biggest hits, music videos, and outfits that will forever stay with us as we go through adulthood, and pass them down to our children (if you think I won’t be blasting BritBrit for my daughters, you’re sadly mistaken). With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for a flashback and channeling our inner pop superstar – right?

Thanks to Urban Outfitters, your dreams can become a reality with this insane and flawless “Oops I Did It Again” outfit. Of course, everyone can think back and remember Britney’s signature red, spandex bodysuit in the video.

And, there’s no better version of Britney to be (ditch the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” schoolgirl outfits, y’all). This costume is insane.

It fits like a damn glove and, it’s pretty easy to complete – instead of running around trying to get your entire costume in order, this one is just one piece. Of course, if you’re not blonde, we can help you out there, too. 

This wig is pretty inexpensive and easily ships from Amazon. So – just two things to purchase instead of like, five. And – everyone will know who you are. Plus, if you’re looking for a #squadgoals Halloween costume for you and your BFF’s – doing Britney through the years would be pretty epic (just leave out the “shaving her head” part, okay?)