10 TV Shows For A Throwback Night Of ‘90s And Chill

Growing up a ’90s kid, I can honestly say that everything was better back in the day. The music, the people, and the TV shows were all better back then. I can’t find a Netflix’s series these days that isn’t completely unrealistic. There isn’t a show that speaks volumes about real life the way ’90s shows did. Netflix and Chill, as we know it, has become that ideal “first date,” for the current generation (so very sad, I know). For those of you who still are unaware of what “Netflix and Chill” is, it occurs when usually a guy invites a girl over to watch a show on Netflix, but the show becomes the background noise to other activities that occur when two people who have a physical attraction are laying in bed next to each other. My theory behind all of this is that the shows on Netflix today are so not relatable and not entertaining to watch that naturally it is going to become just background noise.

It is time to bring ’90s shows back and start a new era of ’90s and Chill.

1. Full House

The best family to be apart of in the 90’s was the Tanner family (and, it still is to this day). Every time we watched the show we got to be apart of the realist family in television.

2. Dawson’s Creek

This first show that really ever resonated with teens was Dawson’s Creek. It was probably the best looking cast of teens in the 90’s as well (there is no way Dawson…or even Joey, could become background noise).

3. Martin

Do you remember Martin Lawrence from the ’90s? Well this is what he looks like now. Martin was the first comedy show ’90s kids started watching and it is the reason we laugh so easily today.

4. Star Trek: Voyager

I can not believe that i have forgotten about Star Trek all these years. Although Star Trek was not realistic it made me more imaginative growing up.

5. Saved By The Bell

Although Saved By The Bell started in the late ’80s, it carried over into the ’90s and ended there. So it still qualifies for this list. It was the first show that explained to us what high school was really like, and everything we needed to know about dating.