35 Toys And Accessories That Will Make Every ’90s Kid Nostalgic AF

Ladies, if you ever feel bad about being a ‘90s baby, remember that the twerps of today are growing up playing with fidget spinners. Gross. That actually pains my heart, almost as much when Amanda Bynes had a breakdown and Jamie Lynn Spears got knocked up and ruined Zoey 101 forever. Us ’90s babies are the cream of the crop when it comes to generations. We are iconic AF, and hands down had the best toys and accessories. While we may now be 20-something-year-old grown ass woman, these things never fail to give me such nostalgic feels. Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

1. Beanie babies:

These collectible cute critters were the bomb.com. You probably had at least five and would freak if the TY tag on the ear got the slightest speck of dirt on it.

2. Easy bake oven:

The Easy Bake oven was a classic, but gosh, I can’t help but admit that my experience with this taught me that I do like dessert, but I do not like to bake.

3. Slinky:


Wow, we were addicted to the strangest things before the Internet. The original Slinky was the best one. I had a couple knockoffs and they’d always get tangled. UGH.

4. VideoNow:

Perfect for when your parents dragged you on a long car ride and you didn’t want to talk to them at all.

5. Troll doll:

How this naked human thingy with radical hair captured the hearts of ’90s girls will always be a mystery to me.