Don’t Freak Out, But TRL Is Officially Coming Back To MTV

I’m already trying to get tickets.

Remember coming home from school in the 2000s and turning on MTV to the iconic TRL? The show that had Carson Daly gracing your television with celebs like NSYNC, Britney Spears, and many other artists over the course of 10 years and eventually resulted in this incredible Halloween costume from Daly:

Carson dressed up as TRL-era Carson and it was perfect! #HalloweenTODAY #TRL

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Well, get ready because TRL (Total Request Live) is being relaunched!

MTV president Chris McCarthy revealed the popular show will return in October and studio construction has already started. The Times Square background might be back but Carson Daly will not.

TRL will apparently start off as an hour-long show featuring five co-hosts, including rapper-comedian DC Young Fly and Chicago radio host Erick Zachary.

After criticism about MTV stepping away from the ‘M’ in their name over the past few years, this relaunch seems to be trying to bring back some of that original MTV magic. McCarthy is also hoping that plaza space outside of the studio will be open and available for concerts.

Obviously, Twitter was super excited over the news because, who doesn’t miss when MTV was all about the music?

Other MTV news from McCarthy includes the iconic ‘Moonman’ award getting with the times. The astronaut will now be known as the gender neutral ‘Moon Person.’ MTV also recently made their TV & Movie Awards categories feature men and women both competing for the same award so this just seems like one small step for MTV, one giant leap for equality.