Tamagotchi Pets Are Coming Back & Every ’90’s Kid Is Freaking Out

Remember when you were younger and your first run-in with real adult-like responsibility was taking care of your pet? Not your dog, not your cat, but your Tamagotchi. Let’s face it – I was the worst at remembering to feed mine and it definitely died a few dozen times until I got my sh*t together. Or, I’d forget to clean up its poop and it would just completely smell like sh*t. Who can forget how annoying the beeping was or how often we needed to ensure our babies were a-okay? Like many other things we enjoyed in the ’90’s, Tamagotchi has announced they are officially making a comeback for their 20th anniversary.

Released in 1997, Tamagotchi quickly became all the rage in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Kids everywhere had multiple colors, multiple pets and probably killed them all (honestly). Today’s kids know nothing about responsibility unless it contains ensuring their iPhone screen doesn’t crack. But, is that the same as taking care of an animal? I think not.