Forget Eyebrows, Squiggle Lips Are The Latest Trend Sweeping The Web

Recently, the beauty industry and blogger world have taken a turn for the “weird.” Experimenting with new looks is normal for every beauty mogul in the industry, but, sometimes some looks come out and look a bit…strange. For example – squiggle eyebrows. Beauty bloggers have been experimenting with squiggle eyebrows – basically wavy eyebrows – instead of the usual straight look that girls go for.

But, if that’s not weird enough for you – don’t worry – there’s more. People are now experimenting with squiggle lips.

I’ll be honest, this freaks me out. Actually – really freaks me out. It makes me uncomfortable because no one’s lips should look this way – ever. Never, ever, ever.


People online, of course, are not about either of these looks because they look downright weird and make everyone feel as though there’s a sick joke happening that we’re unaware of.

Ladies – please do not try this at home.