Squiggle Eyebrows Are The Weirdest New Makeup Trend & People Are Not Having It

Beauty trends come and go online faster than we can remember our Instagram password once our phone logs us out. When it comes to social media, people can have something be “hot AF” one day and “not AF” the next day – depends on our moods. As far as eyebrows have gone – thick, bushy and dark eyebrows were the newest thing girls were obsessed with (think Kylie Jenner and Cara Delevingne). Everywhere I went, I saw girls penciling in their eyebrows thick and dark, no matter how unnatural they appeared. But, forget thick eyebrows guys because squiggle eyebrows are the newest trend that’ll make you say – WTF?

Yeah, squiggle brows – or wiggle brows – are basically exactly what they sound like, squiggly brows. I don’t know where I’d really rock this look because I’m certainly not cool enough to pull it off. But, people are embracing the fun and sharing it all over the web.

But – a lot of people are pretty damn pissed that someone would ruin eyebrows like this – how unGodly of them.

There you have it, folks. Not AF.