‘Unicorn Armpits’ Are The Latest Trend To Leave Us Saying WTF

Beauty bloggers love to come up with some weird, weird trends. Once a handful of girls online try a new idea out – one person goes viral and before you know it, we’re stuck with a really strange, viral beauty trend leaving us hella confused. Like – for example – squiggle eyebrows, contouring your vajajay and now, people are dying their armpit hair all sorts of funky colors. Personally, I’m a fan of the cleanly shaven pits. If my hair grows out even an inch too much, I’m scratching my underarms like a rabid gorilla in the zoo.

But – there are those who want to grow them out to make a statement and to embrace the all natural look of human beings – do it up, girl. On top of growing them out, people are doing some really fun and funky things with their long armpit hair – like dying it or throwing on some glitter.

Of course, people online have a lot to say about women (and men) dying their armpit hair – but, mostly major hate against women dying it. Like, for example, it’s a “super liberal thing” that “pisses them off” and it’s not a “feminist statement” and just “plain gross.” But, don’t hate on people for wanting to express themselves in fun and wild ways, you conservative piece of lard. In America, we all this “freedom of speech/expression” – get with it or get lost.

I will say, however, this man has the funniest reaction to the new “trend,” and – you should watch it.