‘Vagina Nails’ Are The Latest Nail Trend To Sweep Instagram Because, Yay Vulvas!

Not all trends always make sense in society honestly. I’ll never understand why some guys still wear their pants halfway off their waist or why some girls rock cropped tops with regular waisted pants – but, I am no one to judge because I love to go out without a bra on – to each their own.

There are some trends that appear online and make me question the originator’s decision to begin said trend. Like, for example, Vagina Nail Art.

I’ve heard of people doing some wild things to their pubic areas – like Vajazzling and Contouring – but decorating their nails with vulvas is a whole new level of out there. Your nails are indeed, something everyone sees on an everyday basis so putting vaginas on there is a bit ballsy (bad pun).

In retrospect, I do believe that women would embrace this in another way to promote – Girl Power. Yes, I mean #PussyPower. In trying times like these in our great nation – what better way to take a stand than putting your genitals on your fingertips?

So – who’s down to get their vulva on with me?