‘Passive Ghosting’ Is The Latest F*cked Up Dating Trend That Makes Me Hate Everyone

It’s 2017 – gay marriage is legal, a celebrity has proven anyone can be president and you can bring dogs in just about any public place. With so many movements forward in society, one would think as human beings, we’d progress along with civilization. But, for some reason, people cannot grow the f*ck up and act accordingly.

When it comes to dating, this remains true. So far, in 2017, I’ve seen about a dozen new “dating trends,” to sweep the internet and every woman’s inbox (trust me, I spend my entire life online). There’s ghosting, breezing, bread crumbing, cushioning – I can keep going or, I can just puke in a bucket.

Whenever you begin to have interest in someone new, you’re slapped in the face with the harsh realization that, “oh f*ck, I might be getting played.” Why? Because for some reason, everyone has lost their balls.

You heard me – I said you’ve all lost your balls.

Whenever you speak to somebody that you find has interest in you, but you’re not interested in them back – what’s so wrong with telling them how you really feel? Are you too weak to let somebody know the truth and allow them to move on and find someone who really may like them? Instead, you decide to ignore them, leaving them entirely confused and emotionally distraught, wondering WTF they did wrong.


What’s worst is not the “ghosting” per se, but the fact that people have the incapability to be up front and honest with each other. How hard it is to tell someone that you’re not into them? You save both parties the embarrassment of continuing to fantasize about a future together, or, allow the other party to move on.

I’ve always hating “ghosting.” The word itself drove me nuts.

And to make matters even worse – there’s a newfound trend of “passive ghosting,” that seems to occur in situations because, well, Tinder.

Picture this –

You swipe right on someone, they swipe right on you, you begin to message each other back and forth. You both share what you do for a living, what your interests are, etc, etc. But, you don’t really find a spark or a desire to go out and meet this person – you’re bored, you’re not into it, you don’t really want to create any sort of relationship out of it.

But, instead of saying – “It was nice talking to you, but I’m just not that into it,” you continue this back and forth, weird, awkward and all surface conversations, continuing the uncomfortable cycle of leading someone on.

They call this – passive ghosting (according to the youth).

And, it’s selfish and uncool, dude.

You basically tie someone’s expectations up, while leading them on, stringing them along to believe you’re interested when in reality – you’re just bored and lonely and don’t have any friends to text. How much more of a complete and total jerkoff can you be? It’s one thing to completely ignore someone and leave them with no closure – it’s another to string them along pretending you’re into it when you know straight up – you’re not.

Grow up people.

Man up people.

Tell people how you really feel.

In 2018, I better not have to write about any more of these bullsh*t trends.