Beauty Vloggers Slammed After Using Black Face Calling It The “Chocolate Challenge”

There are things people do online that just make me say:

Like, these two beauty bloggers who thought it would be perfectly okay to transform themselves into black face as a “new challenge” online. For those who don’t know, black face is a highly offensive form of makeup that was used during slavery in America by whites who made fun of black slaves. They were most often used in minstrel shows, which were extremely offensive and racist. Therefore, when people use black face, they’re basically perpetuating racism and slavery.

Instagram user and self taught makeup artist @vikashapel posted a photo with her friend, attempting to create a social media challenge out of changing the color of their skin – calling it the “chocolate challenge.”

But, people were not about to let this girl perpetuate racism through ignorance – and called her out on Twitter.

This beauty vlogger has since been reported numerous times on social media and, has made all of her accounts private, deleted and blocked anyone who clapped-back to her and deleted the photo and video of the challenge.

It just goes to show you – think before you post.