Twitter Is Losing Their Sh*t Over This Awfully Organized Eyeshadow Palette

Twitter never fails to shine a light onto the most outwardly and awkward situations that could possibly ever arise in this world, so it’s not a surprise to see how outraged some users were after discovering The Hidden Treasure Palette. The palette is actually developed by the beauty line DOSE Of Colors and, according to their website, it’s a limited edition item with a limit of only two palettes per customer. Although, I doubt that would be an issue considering the fact that their customers or any avid beauty shopper are too pleased with the palette.

Why is that? Well, it’s weird. The palette is basically laid out like sh*t. 

Labeled as a “non-user friendly palette,” the shadows themselves are unlike any other shade the company has released before. Featuring gorgeous metallic and foiled like tones that compliment almost every skin color, the palette design itself is a complete letdown. Thanks to Ljeoma Oluo, a Seattle based influencer, many have come out and expressed that there is just no explanation for the weird layout and it was completely unnecessary to arrange such beautiful colors in a way that would essentially be uncomfortable to use.

And, she’s not wrong. It’s basically a palette organized to make our lives way harder. For anyone with OCD, forget it, don’t even bother.

You’d think the roasting would end there but alas, there happens to be another issue that is sparking up the rage and that is it’s incredibly creative names for the shadows themselves. With names like map, key, and coin, shoppers don’t think it’s even worth the $50 value.

As if that weren’t enough, complaints ran amok due to the amount of wasted space on the palette itself. Claims that they could have easily just made the palette smaller or added more product were among them.