Kylie Jenner Explains Why She’s Charging $360 For Makeup Brushes After Fans Attack Her Online

Kylie Jenner has made quite the profit from her business and beauty brand “Kylie Cosmetics.” After years of doing her own makeup and having fans obsessed with her look, the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner family came out with her own brand that started off with just lip kits. After having some lip work done herself, Kylie hid the “truth” for months and blamed her full-looking lips on using liner and the right lip gloss. Of course, fans wanted a way to get fuller lips without the cosmetic procedure and bought into the idea that with a simple lip kit, their lips can look 10x bigger *sigh*. Sure, the lip kits are good products, but for the prices Kylie charges, I’m not about that life.

After Kylie’s lip kits took off, she decided to create an entire line of cosmetics that included lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, and concealers. So, basically, Kylie came out with an entire makeup line with her name on it, for fans who are always obsessed with her looks. I secretly wonder if she uses her own makeup products all of the time, but that’s just me.

20 SHADES ? sold individually. More surprises coming soon… #SilverSeries #December13

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Saturday Swatches ? Take Me On Vacation palette by @theglamwoman #Kyshadows

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Top to bottom: Himalaya, Maple, Oak, Amber and Cedar, for medium skintones. #SkinConcealer Coming Dec 13 #SilverSeries

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Along with her new products and lines, Kylie announced she’d be coming out with a new line of makeup brushes, as well.

The Silver Series Brush Collection, all of Kylie’s favorite brushes, available individually and as a set on December 13!

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While the brushes are pretty nice and come with absolutely every kind of brush one would need to complete a look, they’re hella expensive. I mean, $360 for makeup brushes? Is Kylie serious?

Fans were not impressed with Kylie’s decision to overprice her makeup brushes and they took to Twitter to retaliate.


After fans had taken over Twitter to tell Kylie it’s a bit f*cked up that she’s charging so much for her brushes, Kylie decided to actually answer her fans online and tell them why she’s charging so much.

Kylie took to Twitter saying:

But, fans weren’t having it.

I think it’s a bit much for Kylie to sell brushes at such a high price, especially when she knows her fans are pretty damn young and broke – what teenage girl has $360 laying around to buy makeup? Come on now girl, know your market.