A Gossip Blog Tried To Mom-Shame Kylie Jenner But Fans Shut It Down

When you’re a celebrity in the spotlight, everything you do is blown up 10x to make it seem worse than it actually is. For example, if you’re a new mother and you do something without your baby, the media will judge you and shame you for being a bad mother.

Recently, 20-year-old and new mother, Kylie Jenner, attended Coachella with her sisters and some friends.

I’m not a regular mom I’m a cool mom

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A gossip blogger, Rob, decided that it was pretty rude/bad parenting to leave her daughter, Stormi, at home while she partied at a music festival.

Rob, however, did not mention the other celebrity mothers who attended Coachella–like, Kylie’s sister Kourtney who has three children, all of whom did not attend Coachella. Fans were pretty disgusted that the blogger tried to drag the new mother for living her life outside of being a mom. And, they shut that sh*t down pretty quickly.

Better luck next time, Rob.