Kylie Jenner Finally Admitted Why She Got Her Lips Done

Kylie Jenner is probably the most wealthy and successful 20-year-olds in the world. While many people dislike her because of the family she comes from or the money she has – there is no denying that she has struggled personally growing up under the spotlight. What many people don’t realize about celebrity children is that there is an immense amount of pressure and scrutiny placed on you when you are constantly being picked apart by the media. When you are born into families like these – you have no say or choice in the way people perceive you, especially when you are part of the Kardashian and Jenner family.

For years, Kylie was on a TV show she didn’t sign up for – but was forced by the rest of her family. She was treated poorly for “not looking like her sisters,” not being “pretty enough” or “good enough” to be apart of such a “beautiful” family. And, after a while, it took a toll on her – as it would anyone else. So, she decided to change her appearance to make herself feel better.

The biggest change everyone has “shamed” Kylie Jenner for going through was decided to get lip fillers. After years of people making fun of her “tiny lips” and feeling insecure about them – she took charge and made a decision to change her body.

In a recent episode of her TV show, Life of Kylie, she opened up during a therapy session about her insecurity and decision to get the lip fillers – even though people slammed her for it. She said that after her first kiss – she felt like sh*t because of a comment the boy had made about her lips.

She further explained that she felt insecure about herself and her body and that no one would want to kiss her with such small lips. She also felt “ugly” and didn’t want to go through life feeling that way.

While it’s not the perfect example to set for young women – go get plastic surgery if you don’t like the way you look – it’s vital to see Kylie Jenner owning up to her surgery and why she decided to go through the change – where as her other sisters usually deny their surgeries. Being open and honest is a positive example to set for young girls – so, way to go Kylie.