Kylie Jenner Is Now Vegan, Incase You Needed Another Reason To Hate On Vegans

Vegans get such a bad reputation in society. I think it’s partly because some vegans are hella pushy and rude to us meat-eaters. For example, my sister is a vegan and she told my boyfriend at my nephew’s 2nd birthday party that he was going to die by 35 for eating meat (he’s 31 right now). So, you get what I mean about some vegan’s being hella pushy.

Now, not all vegans are bad – I know some vegans who are actually super chill and they don’t mind that I love a good steak. In fact, they don’t even complain about what restaurants we go to – they always find ways to make do.

But, not everyone can be that cool.

Now, Kylie Jenner has apparently given this whole “vegan thing” a try, after she admitted – she eats really unhealthy. For someone who make that kind of money, I’m shocked she wouldn’t have a chef whipping up some healthy meals for her 24/7.

She shared on Snapchat with fans her new “diet.” –

I’m sure her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, is going to help her with some recipe ideas because we all know how much of an organic, dairy-free, gluten-free lifestyle she lives.

Good luck, Kylie – hope you don’t miss bacon too much.