New Photos Surface Of Kylie Jenner With A Baby Bump And Fans Cannot Handle Their Excitement

In September, the news broke that Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner family, was pregnant with her first child. After breaking up with longtime boyfriend Tyga, Kylie began a romantic relationship with rapper Travis Scott. Shortly after the two were spotted together in public at a basketball game, the news broke that she was also pregnant with his child. Since the news went viral online, fans have been begging the Kardashians to let us know the truth behind the reports: is Kylie pregnant or nah??? After her big sister, Khloé Kardashian’s, pregnancy rumors turned out to be true, fans are at the edge of their seats looking for answers. First, they thought that the Kardashian Christmas Card would reveal some big news–either having Kylie there with a baby bump or, possibly, holding the baby she already had. But, when Kim Kardashian dropped the official photo on Christmas Day, Kylie was nowhere to be found. Naturally, fans were angry. The majority of them ignored their families for an entire day and sat on their phones refreshing Kim’s newsfeed just to see if Kylie would be there with a baby.

Fans were pretty confused and concerned that Kylie didn’t partake in the Christmas family photo. They also thought Kylie sat out of the “holiday traditions” the family usually has–basically, becoming Rob (never showing up for family events). But, after Kris Jenner threw her annual Christmas Eve party, fans were semi-relieved to see Kylie actually in attendance this year.