Kylie Jenner Steps Out With Baby Bump For First Time In Four Months

Kylie Jenner has been living her life much like a hermit crab–hardly ever leaving her home unless she absolutely needs to. Paparazzi haven’t been able to get a good shot of the 20-year-old mother to be since she hardly ever leaves home and has her staff do just about everything for our outside of the house (isn’t it nice to have a personal assistant?) When it comes to sharing her good news with the world, Kylie apparently is hesitant for anyone to see her pregnant. While no one has truly confirmed the news–like, come out and said “Hey, It’s Kylie, I’m pregnant,”–we all know deep down inside that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with a bun in the oven. All of the clues are there, all of the arrows point to yes, and if not–Kris Jenner is amazing at fooling us all.

Recently, on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kris Jenner spilled the beans when she was on the phone with Kylie speaking about an employee that was “sneaking photos of her” in her own home. Kris, of course, being the momager of the year, was angry and asked if they should “have the person arrested.” But, in the clip, Kris admits it’s harder on Kylie because of “a certain situation,” which, obviously, has to do with her pregnancy.

Some girl was taking pictures of pregnant Kylie and she did not like it ?

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Then, fake photos of Kylie in a California CVS surfaced online–which, we initially believed were Kylie, too. It turns out, sources revealed it was definitely not Kylie, as she hardly ever leaves home (especially to go to CVS).

Whoever that is–she definitely looks like a stunt double of Kylie’s. But, TMZ caught Kylie out this week for the first time in four months (yes, the actual Kylie, TMZ knows their ish) and, you can see she’s carrying some baby weight in the front.