Kylie Jenner Steps Out With Baby Bump For First Time In Four Months

Kylie Jenner has kept a pretty low profile as of recently, but she emerged with friend Jordyn Woods and mom Kris Jenner to check on the progress of some construction on a house. If you watch “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” you’d know Kylie was planning to do some serious remodeling of her own home, so, it makes sense that she’d be visiting her house’s construction (if it’s her home, that is). 

The photo, which was originally captured and posted by TMZ, shows Kylie walking with Jordyn on the construction site, and, she’s definitely put on some weight. Sporting a baggy black shirt and sweatpants, Kylie is clearly hiding something in the front–as she usually walked out of her house wearing nearly nothing in the past.

Reports have also surfaced that Travis Scott is telling friends he and Kylie are expecting a girl–which, is exciting. Sources told PEOPLE that Kylie is “definitely ready” for her daughter, who is set to arrive in February (literally weeks away) and that she is going through a lot of different emotions.

Lol, same.