Kylie Jenner Addresses Pregnancy Rumors And Now Everyone Is Even More Confused

It’s been nearly two months since news of Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy hit the news, yet the reality TV star/makeup mogul has yet to actually confirm or deny the rumors. Whether this is due to some brilliant marketing scheme dreamed up by mama Kris to keep the world interested, or a really long mind game for her own unfiltered pleasure, is TBD.

Either way, KardashiFans have been playing Is She Or Isn’t She? for the last 60 days, poring over Kylie’s social media for clues that could indicate whether or not she is carrying another human being.

Kylie was also visibly missing from a BTS shot of the Kardashian yearly Christmas photo. Her absence going unaddressed just added fuel to her potential-pregnancy fire.

Last Sunday the MailOnline published a series of photos in which Kylie’s bump seems “undeniably visible.” To be fair, she does look pregnant. Or maybe her hoodie is just hell of baggy. 

Upon seeing this, Kylie took to Twitter and accused photo editors of “clearly” altering her baby bump in the paparazzi photos, a claim which the MailOnline denied.

Then, as if to underline her non-pregnancy, she posted a photo to Snapchat with also-reportedly-pregnant sister Khloe in which she doesn’t look pregnant at all, but also the pic is taken head on so who knows WHO KNOWS?!

So after toying with her followers for months, posting only throwback pictures, shots of herself in baggy clothes, or above-the-neck selfies, this marks the first time Kylie has actually addressed the rumors head on. Naturally, people had questions.

Some are saying Kylie wearing baggy clothes in her first full body shot since the pregnancy news broke means (and it wasn’t even for Halloween!) she is most def preggo. Others concede she’s clearly not pregnant because look at her Snapchat story and why would she tweet about Photoshop pics if the rumors weren’t true?

Either way, one thing is true: Kylie is definitely feelin’ all these mind games. We see you, Kylie.