Tamagotchi Pets Are Coming Back & Every ’90’s Kid Is Freaking Out

The new line of Tamagotchi eggs will be slightly smaller in size than the originals from the ’90’s, but there will be six colors/animals to choose from. As well, it will work pretty much the same way the old school ones did – you start off with a baby animal and as long as you feed it, nurture it and love it, you can watch it grow into an adult. If not, it’ll die. RIP.

어릴적 가지고 놀던 추억의 장난감, #다마고치 기억하시나요? 90년대를 휩쓴 디지털 반려동물이죠? 제때되면 밥도 먹여주고, 놀아주고, 배설물도 치워주고, 질병에 걸리는지 체크하고, 감정도 살피며 소소히 보살피던 바로 그 장난감이 20주년을 기념해 11월 7일, 다시 돌아옵니다♥️ 다마고치가 밀레니얼들의 마음도 살 수 있을까요? 어쨌든 90년대를 그리워 할 80년대생들에겐 반가운 소식이군요?? (?BANDAI ✍?Gukhwa Hong) _ The nostalgic digital pet toy #Tamagotchi of the 90s are coming back this November 7th in celebration of its 20th Anniversary. #Vogue #VogueKorea #玩具 #90年代

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Reports indicate that the new Tamagotchi toys should be dropping sometime in November, which is perfect for anyone feeling nostalgic and wants to add this to their holiday gift list.

Obviously, people on Twitter were super excited when they heard the news.