Looks Like ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoiled The Show’s Ending All The Way In Season 1

So, it’s been two weeks and we’re here still talking about the Game of Thrones ending because honestly, I’m still not over it. Bran the Broken as King? Jon Snow back to Castle Black? Arya sailing the seas trying to see if the Earth is flat? IT’S NOT WHAT I WANTED AFTER TEN LONG YEARS OF LOYAL FANDOM.

After looking back on the ten years of things that went down, fans have looked back on the eight seasons of Game of Thrones to judge, pick apart, and ridicule. Many are requesting that the writers completely re-do Season 8 after such a disappointing ending. Others are completely writing the show off altogether.

Some people online have looked back on the past seasons and pointed out a wild little discovery in the first poster for Season 1 of the show.

In the poster where Ned Stark is sitting cryptically on the Iron Throne, if you look closely on the left side of the poster—there’s a raven sitting there. With Bran becoming the king at the end of the show, people are saying it’s symbolically showing that Bran was meant to be King the entire time.

And, Hayley wasn’t the only one who noticed the hidden raven in the poster. People all over Twitter were discussing it.

I guess we all missed the mark.