Netflix Is Revamping ‘The Magic School Bus’ & People Are Pissed The F*ck Off

If you grew up in the 90’s, chances are you watched “The Magic School Bus” at least once – or maybe twice in your life. And, you were probably obsessed with learning and didn’t even know it – because the show was just that fun and cool, you hardly realized you were getting your education on. That’s why everyone was super excited when Netflix had announced they would be revamping the series with a “whole new, modern twist,” because – nostalgia.

Today, Netflix tweeted out the first trailer for the series and  – everyone is losing it over the theme song. First of all – Lin-Manuel Miranda sings the new theme song, so it’s already going to be insane. I’m always blown away by the capabilities this man has – and, everything he touches turns to gold (coughcough please send me Hamilton tickets).

The clip, shared by Netflix, starts off with Ms. Frizzle handing the keys to the “magic school bus” to her younger sister, Ms. Fiona Felicity Frizzle – so, we still have a Frizzle in our lives, guys. The rest of the clip is basically a blast from the past as the bus casually drives down Main Street and ends up in adventourous, scientific and crazy places – to teach us all about the world around us.

Obviously, after the clip was released – fans everywhere lost their sh*t. Sure, it’s nice to have a revamp of your childhood shows – but, people think that Netflix butchered their childhood basically, taking to Twitter to share their anger.

If you’re not as angry as these people – you can watch the new Magic School Bus starting September 22nd. But, if you’re salty AF like them, the original is still streaming on Netflix, too – so calm down everyone.