These Vintage Lisa Frank Jackets Are Perfect For Any 90’s Girl

Recently, the 90’s have been coming back with vengeance and giving us some of our favorite looks from when we were kids. Oversized flannels, chokers, combat boots and high waisted everything are just some of the fun, fabulous and fierce fashion items we rocked when we were kids and we’ve brought back even more – like, Lisa Frank.

Lisa Frank was every 90’s girl’s favorite artist and designer because – well, she was just so fun. All of her products were rainbow, bright and filled with magic. So, it’s no wonder that as kids, we loved her. But, as adults, we still need that magic in our lives from time to time. That’s why Lisa Frank is making the ultimate comeback and you can get your hands on vintage items – if you look in the right place.

A new vintage shop in New York City called Spark Pretty is selling some really incredible vintage denim jackets and, they have some Lisa Frank ones, too. They’ve been around online for quite some time – but, this is their first brick and mortar store.

But, if you don’t live in NYC and you want to get your hands on some vintage AF items – you can check them out on Etsy and eBay.