18 Pieces Of Clothing No One Will See Coming

With every new season comes time to update our wardrobes with fun, unique and stylish pieces to wear out. While we’re always looking for things that are in style, why not try these fun and surprising pieces of clothing that we just never saw coming – they’re dope.

1. This hidden pinstripe “Paris or Milan” leather jacket.

This jacket will spice up any outfit with a hidden pattern and fashion icon cities. Grab it from Forever21.

2. This little black winged dress.

Spice up your brunch plans with some dark angel wings. Grab it from Amazon.

3. Penis flowers forever on these floral leggings.

Get these bad boys from Look Human.

 4. Tell everyone secretly how much you hate them with this cat t-shirt.

Give everyone the finger, but only you’ll know. Grab it from Amazon.

5. Be fierce with every step with these heels and hidden lions.

These are just way too cool not to get from Nylon.

6. Soften up your chunky fall sweater with some heart elbow patches.

Cute and comfortable. Grab it from Amazon.

7. Be sporty and fashion forward at the same time with this cheetah print breaker.

Yankees fan or not – this is fierce. Grab it from Urban Outfitters.

8. These hidden wine message socks are everything.

Grab these from Amazon and make sure everyone grabs your wine.

9. Two for one reversible, comfortable jacket.