You Need These 27 Things From Amazon To Make Your Summer Super Lit

Worried about the boredom of summer vacation? Well, worry no more. Here are some random, yet awesome things you can buy online to have a great summer! (I swear Amazon should sponsor me for this).

1. Inflatable Water Spraying Ball:

Get it HERE.

2. Big Bubble Wand: 

You can basically find this in any Target or 5 Below, or you can order it on Amazon!

3. Ice Cream Machine:  

This machine is fun and great for summer! Find it HERE.

4. Solar powered lights: 

You can find this anywhere online or in any Target!

5. Waterproof Speaker: 

You can find this on Amazon HERE.

6. A Hammock: 

I got my mom a hammock for Mother’s Day and she’s obsessed with it, so why shouldn’t you be too! You find hammocks in any Target or online.

8. 7-Eleven Slurpee Machine:Cause why not. Find it HERE.

9. Food cutter: 

Great for those summer picnics! Get it HERE.

9. Reading Lounge Chair:  

You can find it HERE.

10. Big Projector: 

For those awesome outdoors summer movies. Get it HERE.

11. A Zip Line: 

Yeah that’s right… A freaking zip line. Get it HERE.

12. Water volleyball:

Get it HERE.

13. Bean bag game: 

Get it HERE.

14. Tree swing:  

Add some spice to your trees. Find it HERE.

15. Outdoor string lights with bluetooth speakers:Some nice lighting and music for those summer cookouts. You can find this in any Urban Outfitters or on Amazon HERE.

16. Rollerskates:  

These are great for the summer and you can practically find them anywhere! You can try Dicks, Target or anywhere online.

17. Water guns:

You can find these anywhere! Here’s some COOL ones.

18. Slip ‘n Slide: 

Find it HERE.

19. Bubble Balls: 

A safer way to take your anger out and hit a ton of other people. Get them HERE.

20. A Parachute:

Because we all remember this from gym class. Get it HERE.

21. Ring toss: 

Get it HERE.

22. Capture the flag (glow in the dark): 

Find it on Amazon HERE.

23. Bunch o Balloons: 

So you don’t have to spend hours blowing up water balloons anymore. Find it HERE

24. Inflatable bowling: 

Get it HERE.

25. Your very own water slide:

Find it HERE.

26, Underwater rings:  

It’s cheaper than using pennies. Get it HERE.

27. Light-up frisbee: 

Find it HERE.