Just 20 Amazon Products With 1000+ Positive Reviews

When it comes to shopping online for things, everything looks appealing. It seems as though sites like Amazon are able to make literally everything listed look like something you “need.” But, how do you know it’s always worth the price? Well, that’s where customer reviews come into play. When there are over 1,000 people reviewing a product saying nothing but glowing things about it, you know it has to be good. Most of the time, people don’t leave reviews on products because–who has the time? When something is really good, you know you have to share it.

1. These thick and comfortable leggings that won’t get see-through with multiple wears.


“I’m completely obsessed with these leggings. I bought them when it first started getting cold. They are nice and warm. The inside isn’t super fleece-y, but they feel amazing and soft. They really hold you in well, too. The outer fabric on the pants is great – looks like a normal yoga pant and doesn’t collect all the dust and dog hair that normal fleece pants seem to love. I will definitely be buying several more pairs.”


Get them on Amazon for only $19.99+.

2. This crockpot that lets you cook things while you’re at work and also allows you to bring your food with you on the go thanks to a lock-lid. Also, has a detachable inside container to make it much easier to clean.


 “I love that I can set the amount of time I need something to cook on this and then after that time expires, it automatically switches over to ‘keep warm.’ I also love that the lid can be fastened down. This makes traveling with the crockpot much easier. No more towel-lined laundry baskets to transport my Crock-Pot in!”

Amazon Customer

Get it on Amazon for $34.99.

3. This set of makeup brushes that comes with one in every size, a brush cleaner, and a beauty blender sponge (all for a reasonable price).


“Loved that the package came with pictures of each brush, the size, and a description on how to use each brush. They are soft, don’t shed, and have sturdy handles. Absolutely love the pink blender. I now use these every day!”


Get them on Amazon for only $9.99.

4. This insulated travel bottle that keeps your drinks both cold or hot, depending on your taste–and, comes in 21 different colors/designs.


“Great water bottle. Keeps cold drinks cold for a very long time. I just put a few ice cubes in and it last all day and night. The ice is still there the next day. My daughter uses for her hot tea. Perfect to take to school with her on cold days. She can have hot tea for lunch or after school during practice. The opening of the bottle is also the perfect size to fit ice cubes in from our auto ice maker in our refrigerator.”

Momma Bear

Get it on Amazon for only $17.95.

5. The Pocket Nanny that helps you keep track of the important things you need to do to take care of your baby.


“When we first brought our son home, we had to wake him up for feedings because he had no appetite. It was so hard to keep track of the last time he was fed or changed. This made it so much easier to keep track of. There’s also a nob that you move to the right or left to keep track of which breast you fed from last — which is VERY handy! I also love that there’s a mini light — not too bright or dim to be able to check on the little one!”


Get it for only $19.97 on Amazon.