These 21 Hidden Gems Are All Under $2 On Amazon

‘Tis the season for treating yo’self, am I right? It seems as though everyone I know (including myself) is working 7 days a week, more than one job or balancing a job and school. Regardless of what you do and how many hours of overtime you’re putting in, you definitely deserve a treat or two. But, when we look at our bank statements, we hear an evil “muah-haha” laugh at the idea that we can actually afford to “treat ourselves” to anything. Have no fear, my broke Bottlers – there are some hidden gems on the web that are so inexpensive, even you can afford them.

1. These cute and simple hair clips that’ll spice up any outfit.

$1.37 on Amazon.

2. Coligan lip masks to make yo’ lipgloss popping.

$1.48 on Amazon.

3. These eyebrow stencils to make sure your eyebrows match.

$1.98 on Amazon.

4. This cute fake sandal thing to wear to beach parties or whenever you’re barefoot.

$1.09 on Amazon.

5. This black leather choker.

$1.99 on Amazon.