Trader Joe’s Is Selling Wine For $1.00 A Can Because We’re All Broke AF

Thank you, healthy Jesus.

It seems as though we’re all struggling with money nowadays. With college being so goddamn expensive, rent becoming a serious issue and cute clothes costing more than our life savings – we can’t be able to live decent lives and afford to buy alcohol on the weekends – right?

If you’re an avid wine drinker, but you’re broke AF like me, I have some pretty good news for you. Healthy grocery store Trader Joe’s has answered all of our prayers and released wine that costs only $1.00. That’s right – I said $1.00.

Trader Joe’s is probably the most underrated store known to mankind. While most people will go to their local chain grocery store right by their house, it’s always worth the drive if you can make it to a Trader Joe’s. No only do they have healthy food, but their food tastes incredible. Most of their options are organic and natural too, saving yourself and your health.

But – back to the wine.

Simpler Brand Wines paired up with Trader Joe’s to release these adorable little cans of sparkling wine that’s super affordable for all of us on budgets. Each can costs $1.00 – if you’re a Trader Joe’s vet, you’d know they let you mix and match beers and drinks sometimes. But, you can also buy a 4-pack of these babies for $4.00 – which is still pretty f*cking cheap.

Each can is basically equal to one glass of wine, so if you opt for the 4-pack, you’re basically getting an entire bottle of wine for $4.00 – amazing.