Pizza Hut Announces They’re Now Delivering Booze, So 2017 Isn’t All That Bad

If there are two universal truths in the world, they are 1. anything can be solved with a large cheese pizza and 2. anything can be solved with some booze. Seriously, I think Socrates said it back in the day, look it up. There’s nothing more exciting than deciding to stay in on a Friday night and order in some pizza, veg out on the couch and binge watch a show on Netflix. But, to make your weekend even better, you need to add some beer or a bottle of wine into your dinner menu. And, yet, many of us are stuck with the dilemma of – sh*t, I have no booze in the house, but I also don’t want to put on pants. What’s a girl to do?

Thank God for Pizza Hut, because the pizza chain has just announced they will now offer booze delivery, along with your pizza (WITH PINEAPPLES, DON’T @ ME). According to reports, it’s, unfortunately, going to only start in Pheonix, Arizona as a “test run.” You can order selections of beer and wine for only $10.99 with selections ranging from Bud Light, Budweiser and even Shock Top (fancy). Wine will start deliveries in 2018 (bummer).

Pizza Hut’s director of brand marketing told CNNMoney states that those who order must have their 21+ ID at the door when they receive their delivery, obviously. But, they’re excited to begin the service and enhance their customer satisfaction. I mean, same. Who doesn’t want a cold bottle of Pinot Noir with their pizza? Or, maybe some cheese-sticks and a case of Shock Top? This is pure brilliance. And, here I was for all this time blowing smoke up Domino’s ss, when in reality, Pizza Hut was coming for my heart.

Obviously, Twitter was hyped.

Bless up.