Someone Created Spicy Skittles Because, Why Not Ruin Everything?

Taste the hot, hot rainbow.

It seems as though candy companies are doing anything to stay afloat in a society that is going super, crazy healthy lately. With keto diets, vegans, all sugar/carb free movements and everyone joining a gym – no one has time for junk food nowadays.

So, what is a candy company to do when everyone is trying to shed pounds and get in shape? Create new, exciting flavors – of course.

Except, some companies are just going straight off the deep end. Like, for example, when Pop-Tarts decided to team up with Jolly Rancher and make some disgusting flavored breakfast pastries – yeah, no thanks.

Now, Skittles and Starburst are trying to step their game up with some crazy new ideas – like adding some fire to their flavor. That’s right, I’m talking spicy.

What better way to ruin your diet than to set your mouth on fire with some delicious – and probably weird – candy items?

I’m a huge fan of Skittles AND Starburst, but I just can’t get on board with the kick. I love them because they’re sweet – not because they’re spicy. I can’t see these tasting super great – but, hey, I could be wrong.

Unfortunately, we’ll all have to wait until December to get results because they aren’t going to be available on shelves until then. But, it seems as though people aren’t that pissed – because they’re throwing some major shade instead.


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