The Internet Is Disgusted By These Two Girls Eating Mayo Out Of The Jar At A Basketball Game

When it comes to sporting events, one of the things I look forward to most is stadium food. While I am a huge sports fan and love my New York Mets, there is nothing like having a Shake Shack burger or a Blue Smoke BBQ Brisket sandwich at the ballpark. Everyone knows that while the food may be overpriced at the stadiums, it’s always worth it. Someone has to give these two girls the memo though because they decided that at a basketball game, there was no better snack than a jar of…mayo. The girls were captured on the jumbotron literally spooning mayo raw from the jar and enjoying it as though it were ice cream. I’m gagging.

After ESPN shared the video on Twitter, the Internet could not stop dry-heaving and tweeting how awful this truly is.