Target Answers All Of Our Prayers And Will Soon Allow Customers To Drink While They Shop

It’s no secret that 99.9% of the female population is obsessed with Target. The store has everything you could possibly want and need in this world, at a low-low price and, we always find things that are “OMG SO US” while we shop. If there’s anything missing from Target’s perfectness, it’s the ability to sip some bubbly while browsing through the linens aisle, am I right, ladies? While it seems like an ideal situation, it can also be pretty dangerous (have you even seen my Amazon account after I’ve had a full night of drinking?) For years, people have said that the one thing missing from Target was drinking while shopping.

It seems as though Target has been listening to our prayers and requests because, soon, they may allow shoppers to drink while browsing in their stores. According to Target spokesperson Angie Thompson, Targets around the country sell liquor, but they don’t have stores yet that allow liquor consumption on site. They are, however, looking to obtain a license which will allow shoppers to drink on site.

Target wouldn’t be the first store to partake in this type of experience. There are some stores–such as Whole Foods, Hy-vee, Wegmans–around the country that allow this type of “shop while you sip” experience. Why? Well, Co-CEO of Whole Foods, Walter Robb, says it’s about socialization.

“Coming out of the recession, people are looking for affordable luxuries and more intimate experiences.”

If you ask me, drinking and shopping sound ideal–but, it’s not about going and getting plastered at Target. Many people see shopping as a “therapeutic” experience and a way to decompress and wind down after a hard week–adding a glass of wine to the experience makes it all the more relaxing. So, when you hear about “drinking and shopping,” it’s not like you’re going to take 4 shots at Target and spend $1,000 (seeing as most of us have to drive home from Target), but, more about adding to the “luxurious” and relaxing experience of going to their stores.

I’m down.