31 Thoughts Every Woman Has While Shopping At Target

When it comes to Target, we always go in and leave with things we did not originally go in for. No matter how many pep talks we give ourselves, we know that we’re going to leave spending way more than we planned with way more than we needed. And, half of the time we don’t even get what we originally needed in the beginning. Oh, Target, how you love to do us dirty.

1. I’m only here for new sheets, I’m not going to the clothing section. Definitely not going to the shoe section.

2. OMG, I love the $1 section. Look at this little notebook! I need it. Wait, do I need it? Yup, definitely need it.

3. Where are the sheets? Did they redo the store again? I’m lost. Where is everything?

4. Oh, here I am, in the shoe department. By accident.

5. THESE BOOTS! ARE! TO! DIE! FOR! No. I can’t. Walk away. WALK. AWAY.

6. Maybe if I just try them on…

7. Oh My God. They fit perfectly. Look at me. I’m Adriana Lima. Look at these legs baby. Legs. For. Days.

8. Maybe I’ll price check them and see if they’re on sale.

9. Sheets! I need sheets!


11. I’ll just try on one.

12. Maybe five.

13. Ugh, that dress is amazing. Need to try it on.

14. Okay, how did I end up with a cart full of clothes?

15. I’ll just try them on and probably hate everything.

16. Omg, only six items at a time? I’ll be here forever.

17. Okay, so, I guess I’m getting a new wardrobe today because everything is C.U.T.E CUTE!

18. Ok where is the home section?

19. Oh! Look at these mugs! I need them they’re adorable!

20. And candles!!!

21. Oh this one smells like sh*t, gross.

22. This one is amazing. I need four.

23. Okay, I need to leave before I spend my rent check in here.

24. Maybe just one more candle.

25. Where is the register? I need to get out of here ASAP.

26. Send help! Immediately!

27. Okay, just, pay and leave.

28. *Please don’t be expensive, please don’t be expensive*

29. $400?!? What the actual f*ck is wrong with me?!?

30. Whatever, I guess I’m not eating dinner this week.