35 Tweets You’ll Appreciate If You, Too, Have An Unhealthy Obsession With Target

There are some places that just feel like home. You know? Like, whatever you need out of life is totally accepted – no one around is judging you for grabbing that 1$ Superman mug so you can remember what it was like back in your childhood when things were easy and your heroes still lived up to your expectations

Also, if you’re hungry you can just get a snack.

I’m talking about Target, people. The super-mega-ultra store that has everything you might ever possibly need and then also SO MUCH MORE. Sometimes capitalism truly is a beautiful thing.

35. This one on impatience:

34. This one on being highfalutin:

33. This one on not knowing:

32. This one on losing track:

31. This one that says it all:

30. This one on just because:

29. This one on mistaken identity:

28. This one on bad taste:

27. This one on feeling better:

26. This one on being hiLARious: