29 Spelling Mistakes That Are Kinda Perfect The Way They Are

Ever since I switched from writing on paper to typing on a computer, I’ve gotten worse at spelling. It’s the ubiquitous spellcheck that does me in – it’s on my phone, my word processor, even my internet searches get automatically corrected or checked for spelling. If I never need to pay attention to spelling why should I be any good at it?

I mean, to be clear I’m not that bad at spelling. We all make mistakes sometimes, and that’s just a part of being human.

Some mistakes are worse than others of course. And sometimes it’s hard to tell if a mistake is just that, or if it’s actually a reflection of genuine dumbness. Or maybe they just don’t know? You decide:

29. This fruit hater:

28. This unfortunate announcement:

27. This sartorial sign:

26. This slow zone:

25. This thrilling newscast:

24. This 1st grader’s homework:

23. This example of irony:

22. This incorrect correction:

21. This classical music reference:

20. This snarky teen: