Beyoncé Proved She’s Just Like Us By Taking Blue Ivy On A Shopping Trip To Target

If you think that any of us are crazy for being obsessed with Target, you’re sadly mistaken. Target has everything one could ever need all jam-packed into one store. Food, electronics, clothing, house decor…everything. And, it won’t cost you $1,000 everytime you shop (unless you’re like me and need everything in the store). People are constantly ragging on me for loving Target, saying it’s “cheap AF,” but the joke’s on y’all because…even Queen B shops there. That’s right, you heard it here first, Beyoncé was spotted at Target with her daughter, Blue Ivy because – everybody f*cking loves Target.

Bey was spotted in the San Clemente, California Target with her daughter because at the end of the day – she’s just a cool, regular mom like any other woman. Sure, she has all the money in the world and can send just about anyone to do her errands for her, but, with two new babies at home, I’m sure Bey is trying to get some alone time with her oldest daughter. There’s no better bonding experience than going on a shopping trip to Target with your mom (right Gail?!?)

Of course, after seeing their queen at their favorite store, Twitter was completely shocked and could not stop freaking out.