20 Genius Gifts To Get The Biggest Wine Lover In Your Life

Don’t be basic and just buy your BFF a bottle of wine this year — boring. After all, she probably already has a secret wine stash in their closet, DUH. Think outside the box and gift her something that celebrates wine and is actually functional. These wine-inspired gifts are perfect to gift that wine enthusiast in your life.

1. Wine condoms:

Drink safely. Don’t stick an unprotected cork in that hole. Cover your open bottle with a condom, but not just any condom (no used Trojans, please) — but a special WINE CONDOM. Carry these bad boys around in your wallet, just like your real condoms! Get it here.

2. Wine coloring book:

Instead of texting your ex while wine drunk, get artsy and unwine with this coloring book. Get it here.

3. Wine Decanter:

An avid wine drinker must have heard of the whole decanting process. This filters wine of any sediment and infuses it with optimal oxygen content. Yup, science sh*t. But it does make the wine taste better! Get it here.


4. Wine glass holder necklace:

Do you ever go to a party, place your glass down, and then later return unable to remember which one was yours? Solve that problem by attaching your glass to your neck. Or if you need a trendy staple necklace, this wine glass holder necklace will complete any outfit. You’ll be the life of the party. Get it here.

5. SipCaddy:

Unwind after a long day at work with a boozy bath. SipCaddy dismisses any fear you may have of your knocking your glass over into the tub. SipCaddy secures your drink to your tub and is the #1 shower caddy on Amazon. It can hold a variety of other cups/mugs if you’re looking to take your morning coffee in there with you. Get it here.