Stop Everything Because Aldi Is Releasing A Wine Advent Calendar

If you’re still looking for a way to ring in the holidays in a way that’s true to you, look no further than this. Aldi is releasing a wine advent calendar. That’s right, 24 bottles of wine, delivered each day before Christmas.

It’s the best way to celebrate the holidays, not only because wine is great, but because drinking a bottle-a-day is a fantastic way to unwind from the stress of having your whole family around. Plus Christmas shopping is statistically easier when you’re a little buzzed.

Traditionally, advent calendars use pieces of chocolate to celebrate the days before Christmas, but I think we can all agree that wine is better. That said, there’s nothing stopping you from getting a chocolate calendar as well. Wine and chocolate go together like wine and chocolate! And if that’s still not enough, there’s also a cheese advent calendar available from So Wrong It’s Nom.

Get your hands on all 3, and you can spend the entirety of the holiday season getting drunk and fat on wine, cheese, and chocolate. Your best life is ahead of you.

For more information on Aldi’s wine advent, click here!