Rob Kardashian Apologized To His Entire Family For Ever Dating Blac Chyna

It’s about time Rob Kardashian faces the music and realizes that dating Blac Chyna was not the best decision on his part. Besides the fact that her ex-fiancé was already dating his little sister and Blac Chyna was notoriously known as a “gold digger,” Rob should have stayed away for the basis of saving face and his good family name. The guy was down in the dumps, not in the best mental state of his life and just wanted someone to love him – so, can you really blame him?

After the Rob and Chyna Dramaboat 4.0 sailed onto social media last week and we heard nothing but “Rob” and “Blac Chyna,” everyone is sick and tired of hearing about the hot mess that is Rob Kardashian’s decision to post Blac Chyna’s nudes on social media as revenge for sending him videos of her in bed with another man – but, you will be very happy to hear that Rob has finally owned up to the fact that he made a huge mistake.

According to People Magazine, the Kardashian family was never happy that Rob and Chyna were together. After Rob got Chyna pregnant with Dream, they respected that he tried to make it work for the sake of his daughter. But, after months and months of public brawls and too many rumors/drama tarnishing the Kardashian name – they really wanted Rob to just cut ties and move on.

After the nude scandal and everything else that came afterwards last week – Rob has apparently apologized to his entire family for “not listening to their warnings back when he and Chyna first got together.”

He also apologized for this specific incident, in which he completely disrespected women entirely. It’s vital to realize, Rob comes from an entire family of women and – he has a daughter, too. How would he feel if some dude posted photos of his daughter online without her consent?

He also admitted that he regrets the entire relationship – however, he is semi-happy that it happened only for the birth of his baby girl Dream.

I guess it’s better to learn from your mistakes and face reality – and, possibly admit it to millions of people on your family’s reality TV show, too.