20 Things Under $10 Guaranteed To Make Your Life Suck Less

Adulting is hard. Long gone are the days where our moms did our laundry and made us breakfast every morning. Now, we’re stuck paying rent to live in a shoebox apartment and cook pasta every night because, well, it’s cheap. It’s no surprise we can’t afford things to make our lives easier because usually, they’re pretty pricey. But, thanks to Amazon, we can find some really great products that are not only affordable but genius.

1. This primer to use before your foundation to blend your skin and correct any redness and spot damage.


“Sadly, I have always had a rather red complexion and just recently looked into ‘correcting colors,’ which NYX has lots of products for, including this one. Obviously, I chose green to cancel out the red and to my surprise, it worked! After a minute or two of applying and drying my face actually appeared clearer whiter. Although there were still some red spots, I could cover those up with makeup much easier.”


Get it on Amazon for only $9.09.

2. This microwavable soup mug when you only want to make one serving and not enough for a family of four.


“Best microwave containers we have ever purchased. These are durable. My husband uses these to carry his food to work everyday. The lids clamp on and off. The lids also have a steam vent on top. The handle makes carrying hot food to the table much easier. These also clean up nicely. We are currently on our second batch of these. The first batch was used daily and help up for several years. You cannot go wrong with these!”

Sandra A. Rice

Get it on Amazon for $7.21. 

3. This four pack of snap-on dip cups because no one wants to share their dip with double dippers.


“These are just wonderful. My daughter loves to have ranch with just about anything but hates it on her plate touching her food. This is perfect to put your dip or sauce in without having it run all over your plate.”

Gael Fulcer

Get it on Amazon for $6.45. 

4. This natural odor eliminator for anything from your car, to your bathroom, to even the inside of your shoes.


“Holy cow this works wonders! I’ve only had it in my car for about 8 hours and already noticed a major difference! A lot easier to breathe.”

Breanna hutsell

Get it on Amazon for $9.95.

5. This sink caddy that lets you keep your sponge clean, dry, and not moldy AF.


“I have this is black (because we don’t have a double sink) and it gets so many compliments. Our kitchen is newly remodeled so we didn’t want something that was an eyesore. My mom loved it, so I bought her one for Christmas!”


Get it on Amazon for $7.73.