20 Things Under $10 Guaranteed To Make Your Life Suck Less

16. This 16-inch brush that will clean out any bottle–even the most narrow ones.


 “My daughter plays volleyball and takes an aluminum water bottle to practice every day and to every game. Washing them has been tricky until now. This brush makes cleaning it so easy!”

Jamie Herring

Get it on Amazon for $7.99.

17. A pack of Magic Erasers that will get out just about everything.


“These clean burnt-on grease off of my BBQ easier and does a better job than anything else.”

Mary L. Hill

Get them on Amazon for $9.01.

18. This V.I.Poo spray that will make your bathroom (and toilet) always smell fresh, no matter who is using it.


“This product may have saved my marriage 🙂 Every time my husband used the restroom before I would have to remind him to ‘please spray’ or ‘courtesy flush.’ It’s deadly in there. Ever woken up to the smell of foul BM? It’s not pleasant. NOW he sprays this in the bowl beforehand and voila, happy wife. No smell, no anger, just love and a fresh bathroom. GET THIS!”

A. Hansen

Get it on Amazon for $5.97.

19. These door stoppers that will make noisy cabinets and doors less noisy and keep everyone asleep in the house.


“Great product! Baby continues to sleep now the cabinets are done slammin! :-)”

Chris Irvine

Get them on Amazon for $5.99.

20. This grocery list to put on the fridge to make sure you never run out of everything you need.


“This bad boy makes it so much easier on this mama. My husband just has to check things off the list as we run out of them, so when it’s time for me to go to the store, I just grab this and go! I don’t have to fumble around the fridge and pantry wondering what my husband finished up and didn’t tele about. Everyone needs this, trust me.”


Get it on Amazon for $7.00.