Lisa Frank Teamed Up With Reebok To Make The Perfect Sneaker For Any 90’s Girl

Now that “back to school” is happening for everyone and the commercials on TV are endless product ads for binders, folders, and pencils – we’re stuck thinking about the times our parents used to drag us to Target or Staples to get our endless list of school supplies for the new year. Now, if you’re a 90’s girl, the first thing you wanted when you entered the store was Lisa Frank everything. Colorful rainbows with unicorns, cats, dolphins and just about any other magical creature you could think of. If you didn’t have Lisa Frank stuff – you just weren’t cool.

As adults, it’s not as big to rock Lisa Frank because – she’s been keeping her sh*t pretty low key for some time now. But, that’s not to say we don’t miss the sunshine and rainbows she brought into our lives. So, have no fear my fellow 90’s kids – Lisa Frank is back and better than ever – for adults.

Lisa Frank is teaming up with sneaker brand Reebok to give us the pair of sneakers we’ve been dreaming about since we were little kids. The rainbow, puppy, unicorn, fairy, dolphin mix-up is something that literally only Lisa Frank could work up and they will blow your damn mind.

Just look at these babies:

I’m crying.

While these are every girl’s dream come true, they’re not actually “for sale,” and – there are only two pairs available at all, one in kids size and one in an adult – so, you have to enter to win them. It sounds annoying – but it’s easy to enter the contest. Simply go on Twitter and answer the question as to what your favorite trend was when you were going “back to school,” and make sure to tag @ReebokClassics and @LisaFrank.

The catch?

Make your answer unique and original in order to catch their eye – and, you may walk home with your very own, unique and original pair of Lisa Frank Reeboks.

Good luck!