A Hocus Pocus Remake Is Officially Happening & People Are So F*cking Angry

When it comes to Halloween movies, there’s nothing quite like the classics. And, by classics, I mean the Sanderson sisters and a little Hocus Pocus witchcraft that we all grew up absolutely obsessing over. After being released in 1993, Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy immediately become the most worn costume and everyone’s favorite witches – because they were absolutely perfect.

But, it’s been a pretty long time since the movie was released and some of the scenes and events in the film are out-dated. And, while we all love to rewatch the movie because it’s a classic, the newer generation doesn’t appreciate the film and its aesthetic quite as much as we do (sorry guys, they weren’t Snapchatting their adventure). So, what’s the industry to do? Obviously, make a brand new Hocus Pocus.

According to sources, The Disney Channel has greenlit a Hocus Pocus remake to air as a TV movie on their network. The cast, director, and screenplay will be completely new and unique, but, will still include The Sanderson sisters and some of the film’s original plotlines. While it sounds all pretty exciting, fans are worried that the remake will be a total flop – and, to be honest, so am I. Is Hocus Pocus really Hocus Pocus without the original cast? Sure, it may be outdated, but it’s a popular classic for a reason – all of the actors and events in the film are spot-on perfect. It’s not the scariest Halloween movie, but it’s definitely a fan favorite. Will The Sanderson sisters really be the same if Bette, Sarah, and Kathy aren’t playing them? It’s kind of up in the air. However, the original production company and writers did sign off on the remake and, plan on helping the new crew keep it rocking and rolling – so here’s to keeping our fingers crossed.

How are fans reacting to the remake? Well – it’s kind of a mixed bag, but, the majority of Hocus Pocus fans are pretty f*cking angry that a) the sequel is not a sequel and is really just a remake, b) the original cast will not be in the remake and c) it’s going to be a TV movie.


Maybe, just maybe, if we all angry tweet Disney and maybe write some poorly worded letters and send them like, dog poop in a bad – they’ll consider having the original cast involved. So, get to writing people.