Someone Just Noticed This Gruesome Detail In ‘Shrek’ And It’ll Break Your Dang Heart

Everyone knows that “Shrek” is one of those classic cartoon movies that we can watch over and over again and still enjoy each and every time.

But, apparently, there’s one small detail in the movie that we missed–or, at least I missed–and Twitter was here to carefully point it out to me. Y’all, I wasn’t ready for this and now my heart is aching. Apparently, according to Twitter user @Kammy_G_, a momma bear suffers a horrifying fate at the beginning of the film.

1. In Shrek, when they want to sell donkey, they’re also selling the bear family.

2. When the characters appear in Shrek’s swamp, Papa and Son bear appear crying.

3. Then, they show that Lord Farquaad has this rug.



One user pointed out that at the end of the movie when everyone reunites, the momma bear isn’t there.

Seriously, I wasn’t ready for a family to fall apart like this. Twitter, always pulling at the heartstrings–am I right? Other users were completely broken to hear this.