Artist Shows What Our Favorite Disney Princesses Would Look Like In 2017 & The Results Left Us Speechless

Most people forget that the majority of our favorite Disney movies came out way before any of us were born. While the movies are classic and timeless, the looks and some narratives of our favorite Disney princesses are pretty out-dated. Therefore, it’s no surprise that people have been coming up with “modern versions” of these beautiful women in the media spotlight. Numerous artists and online designers have created versions of princesses from Cinderella to Mulan – and the results are usually pretty crazy. But, the most awe-inspiring modern-day Disney princesses have to be by illustrator Fernanda Suarez. The Chilean digital artist created modern-day versions of 7 of our favorite princesses and took them all to a completely realistic level.

Most of these ladies are sporting clothing that you and I probably both own, with Pinterest tutorial hairstyles and even the look of 2017 teenage exhaustion and angst. Each drawing has immense details that just scream stunning. While Suarez has only drawn seven princesses so far – she is taking votes and polls on who she should draw next in the series. You can vote, comment and see more work by this brilliant designer below.


1. Jasmine:

2. Pocahontas:

3. Cinderella: