27 Classic Art Memes That Are Relatable AF To Any Woman Who Works In An Office

Working in an office has its highs and lows. The highs are when you get to leave on Friday. And the lows are… well just about everything else. Yeah! I said it! Offices are soul-sucking hell-scapes! We all know it, and no one wants to say it. There’s not a ping-pong table in the world that can make office life suck less. It just comes with the territory.

The good news is, we’re all in the suffering together. As proof, take in these classical paintings that convey ultra-relatable feelings about being a woman who works in an office. Because you should never suffer alone. That’s what memes are for.

1. When you avoid going to bed on Sunday because it means waking up for work on Monday.

2. When having a single glass of wine on a work night feels like a f***ing kegger.

3. When you know that second snooze alarm is coming for you.

4. When you have to act like everything your boss says is genius.

5. When you finally get to gossip in the ladies room.