You Can Now Buy Disney Princess Dress Blankets & They Are Cozy AF

Growing up, there was nothing quite like popping in a Disney movie on a Friday night and curling up on the couch to watch your favorite princesses win the man of their dreams. Fast forward to 2017, we’re not looking to “win the man of our dreams” as our end-all-be-all – but, we’re still looking to be a princess from time to time.

And, while it’s not entirely acceptable to be 25-years-old rocking a Disney princess costume – you can now buy Disney princess blankets that are 150x better. They basically look like a snuggie and look comfy and warm, perfect for your Netflix Disney binge.

The blankets come two ways –

1. You can buy the pattern and instructions to make them yourself, you know, if you need a new hobby to pick up.


2. You can buy the blankets directly from a store on Etsy.

I need the Belle one ASAP for my next Live Action Beauty & the Beast night.